Video Gallery

We have provided a few videos for you to check out for further learning. Check them out!

Optokinetic Stimulation Therapy

This video goes into the finer details of the newly developed therapy which is saving the lives of survivors of the neurological disorder, stroke. It follows the successful recovery of a stroke patient after the devastating effects which she believed would change her life forever.

Integration of the Sensory Organs

A brief video following the discussion of the multi-sensory integration in the treatment of the mental condition called autism. The findings are explained by Sophie Molholm, Ph.D., an Albert Einstein College of Medicine researcher.

The Power of Eyesight

Have you ever had an interest in learning about the human eye structure? Look no further, this a video you have to watch. It provides a very in-depth description of the structure of our eyes and the way they function. It’s a must-see!